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About Us

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A message from Kristä (L)indholm



to make someone tranquil and soothe....

EVERYONE NEEDS THERAPY. In a world where negativity prevails, stressors and trauma abound and relationships are at times difficult, let us offer reprieve.

Our psychotherapy staff are well trained, supportive and knowledgeable. Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma and other difficulties are pervasive in our culture, but suffering alone does not have to be.

We specialize in supporting those struggling with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders via the use of EMDR and supportive psychotherapy. We are a trauma informed practice and view symptom distress, and their ultimate management, via this lens. 

Our mission is simple. To help ease individual and collective human suffering. 

Come see how we got our name and how we can change the way you feel about therapy, and welcome some much needed kä(l)m into your life. 

Krista Lindholm, Founder 

What you can expect.

Office Life

Therapy should provide relief. Therapy should be comfortable, relaxed, helpful...

Your connection with your therapist can make or break your experience. Forming a therapeutic alliance that is safe, warm and genuine allows for progress on treatment goals and can help increase overall well-being. 

Therapy is a time for you to gain support, nurture growth and make changes to assist you in living your healthiest and happiest life. You can expect a judgment-free zone and a non-confrontational, supportive approach to psychotherapy. You also can expect to be surrounded by one of the most premiere, well appointed and comfortable psychotherapy facilities in Iowa. In designing our space we had you, our patient, in mind. Come and see the difference for yourself...

Driven by our core values.

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Your identify, personal information and privacy are of utmost priority to us. We will not release your information without your written consent and will only release what is needed in order to facilitate compliance with the law.
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"Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and then doing it". This sums up our staff, from front desk hosts to your personal psychotherapist. We aim to provide you with the most professional therapy experience you can encounter. 
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Want to rely on your therapist being on time and getting you in when you need it? Our staff offer flexible office hours as well as convenient scheduling modalities to ensure your needs are met from your initial contact with us. 
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Our model of supportive psychotherapy provides insight and feedback in a supportive and comforting manner while challenging belief systems and behaviors that may be interfering with full function.

Discover why kä(l)m therapy is right for you. Request an Appointment