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couples therapy

Couples Therapy

Effective couples therapists point out the strengths in the relationship and help to build resilience, trust and mutual respect...

What is couples therapy?

Making the choice to go to couples counseling can feel like a very big step. It involves admitting that things are not perfect in your partnership, which is often tough to do and scary to admit...

It is natural for couples to be skeptical about whether therapy will work for them. In the first session, each needs to understand that they are equals in the relationship and that patterns of communication and languages of love need to be understood, processed and improved. The therapy process has the potential to return you to your prior loving relationship after they become aware of how each contributes to both the health, and challenges within the relationship. 

Our Therapy Techniques

  • Gottman Method
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
  • Positive Psychology

A conscious, healthy relationship requires each person to recognize their own role and reactivity levels when conflicts arise, as well as to become aware of their partner’s thoughts and feelings. After living with prolonged conflicts and feeling the need  to defend your own ego against attacks, let us help you to truly listen and understand what your partner is thinking and feeling.

What our clients say about us.

""Therapy has helped me be kinder to myself. My connection with my therapist is so important to me.""
Individual Therapy Client

Des Moines, Iowa

""Our relationship is improving...we are learning how to communicate in a way that is no longer harmful.""
Couples Therapy Client

Des Moines, Iowa

""My struggles with depression and addiction no longer have to define who I am. I am learning to love myself enough to heal.""
Individual Therapy Client

Altoona, Iowa

""Therapy is my safe place. It is my time to focus on me.""
Individual Therapy Client

West Des Moines, Iowa