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What to Expect

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does therapy for mental and emotional problems always work?

Unfortunately no. It primarily depends on you and the therapist. It is important to share your concerns in a serious, sincere, and open manner. Only if you are completely honest and open can you expect to receive the best support and advice. The better you connect with your therapist, the more likely you are to receive benefit from your services. 

What if I really try, but I still can't feel comfortable with the therapist?

There should be a "fit" between your personality and that of the therapist. Someone else - or some other method - may be more suitable for you. You should always feel comfortable talking with your therapist. If not, a referral to another provider may be in order. 

How can just talking make my problems better?

A therapist with professional training is able to join, connect and see the patterns in your life that have led to your unhappiness. In therapy, the job is to help you recognize those patterns - and you may try to change them. There may be times, however, when you will need a combination of "talk" therapy and medication. A good therapist will recognize you as your own healer, and help you to find the strength and insight needed to process life difficulties. 

  • General Questions

    • How can therapy help me?
    • How long will my treatment last?
    • How do I know if psychotherapy will be beneficial?
    • Does therapy work for everyone?
  • Cost

    • How much does a therapy session cost?
    • Do you take insurance? How does that work?
    • What is your hourly rate?
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How can we help you?

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